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First conditional

Choose the correct answer.

  1. If the weather's nice tomorrow, weto the beach.score
  2. If Ito the party, will you come with me?score
  3. My parentsme an iPod if I pass my exam.score
  4. She'll buy the top,in the sale.score
  5. If younow, you'll miss the bus.score
  6. His grandparents will be happythem.score
  7. I'll be tired tomorrow if Igo to bed soon.score
  8. Dad,me some money if I wash your car?score


Complete the zero conditional sentences with the verb in brackets. Use contractions where possible.

it turns I go they don't have he's comes you aren't I don't know we don't do
  1. If you press that button, the light(come) on.score
  2. It's easier to sleep if(you / not / be) stressed.score
  3. The teacher gets angry if(we / not / work) hard.score
  4. If(I / go) on a boat, I always feel sick.score
  5. His mother gets annoyed if(he / be) late.score
  6. If(I / not / know) a word, I look in my dictionary.score
  7. They play football if(they / not / have) any homework.score
  8. If you freeze water,(it / turn) to ice.score

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Countables or uncountables

Decide whether you have to use little or few.
  1. We had  snow last winter.
  2.  people were interested in the exhibition.
  3. I speak  French.
  4. There are  gentlemen nowadays.
  5. She has  relatives.
  6. There is  water in the pond.
  7. The professor spends  time in company.
  8. We have  knowledge of this phenomenon.
  9. There are  mushrooms in my mushroom soup.
  10.  animals can survive in the desert.


Fill in some or any.

1. I'm going to buy  eggs. 

2. They didn't make  mistakes. 

3. I can't pay. I haven't got  money. 

4. There aren't  shops in this part of the town. 

5. George and Alice haven't got  children. 

6. Have you got  brothers or sisters? 

7. There are  beautiful flowers in the garden. 

8. Are there  letters for me? 

9. I haven't got  stamps but Ann has got 

10. Do you know  good hotels in London? 

11. Would you like  tea? 

12. Did you buy  rice? No, we don't need 

13. We haven't got  bread. I'm going out to buy 

14. During our holidays we visited  very interesting places. 

15. I went out to buy  milk, but they didn't have  in the shop. 

16. I'm thirsty. Can I have  water, please?


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English Grammar | MUCH, MANY and A LOT OF Quantifiers

Tenses revision

Hi kids!

Remember !!!....
Simple PresentPresent Progressive
(3rd person singular: infinitive + 's')
I speak
you speak
he / she / it speaks
we speak
they speak
form of 'be' and verb + ing
I am speaking
you are speaking
he / she / it is speaking
we are speaking
they are speaking

And now let's practice :

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple present or present progressive).
  1. Look! He (leave)  the house.
  2. Quiet please! I (write)  a test.
  3. She usually (walk)  to school.
  4. But look! Today she (go)  by bike.
  5. Every Sunday we (go)  to see my grandparents.
  6. He often (go)  to the cinema.
  7. We (play)  Monopoly at the moment.
  8. The child seldom (cry) .
  9. (not / do)  anything at the moment.
  10. (watch / he)  the news regularly?